(Above) V-Neck Sweater

(Right) White Quarter Zip Sweater

(Far Right) Baby Blue unconstructed Jacket

Nilo is cotton's true soul: the first extra long staple organic Egyptian cotton. It grows in the homonymous fertile delta in Kafr Saad, a center located in the Damietta Governorate which incorporates Egypts strongest growing qualities to produce the best cotton.

We are very proud of our organic Giza cotton and the outstanding products we make with it. In an overly industrialized world, Giza cotton is still planted, picked, processed, and woven by hand. The attention to detail that is allowed for these fibers is unmatched. Having the highest thread count of any cotton in the world at 1000 threads per square inch it is soft to the touch and light to wear. Being organic, the soft nature of the fabric is even more enhanced, and it ages better than GMO cotton. V neck sweaters, unconstructed blazer and quarter zip.