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How you feel in your clothes affects how you look.


Your clothes speak
for you
before you do.

In 1986, I was in Naples, Italy where I had the good fortune to learn about the Neapolitan way of constructing a jacket. The evolution of this particular style is a function of climate and lifestyle.


Although it is warm, the Neapolitan men, I know, always wear a jacket and... it is always buttoned. They can do this because the garment is soft, light and comfortable.

The most unique element of this style is the shoulder. In Italy they call is Spalla Camicia, like a shirt. The armhole is higher, the sleeve head is fuller, making it possible to move the arm without constriction.

The focus is comfort.
The result is an insouciant style I've admired
for over 30 years.


Warm, Tasty, Dramatic and Inspiring... Naples!

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